About NewRain

We're a minority-Owned PPE supplier with a focus on making PPE more Affordable to healthcare providers in Los Angeles.

Our mission is to make a difference in our community by providing higher quality PPE at a lower cost to healthcare providers.

We're simplifying the medical supply chain to make care possible.

Our evolving healthcare ecosystem creates challenges for healthcare providers each day when it comes to providing care to their patients. At NewRain, we’re set to provide the latest products that provide solutions at the lowest possible costs.

Our commitment to both community health and supply chain simplification enables us to provide higher-quality PPE at the lowest possible cost – meaning more accessible, affordable, and reliable personal protective equipment for your employees and customers.


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We believe in going beyond logistics and profitability to make an impact in our community.

Our Impact

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Who We Serve

We're active in a variety of industries with a focus on health & health science.

At NewRain, we aim to go beyond expectations for our healthcare community members and give them the tools to face challenges ahead and exceed the demand for their services. Our solutions for medical supplies aim to maximize profitability, servicing providers such as:

Inventory Solutions

Our inventory for better quality healthcare.

For the best-in-class offerings for practices locally and internationally, NewRain can help drive better patient outcomes, cost savings, and overall clinical satisfaction with our wide selection of PPE products, including:


Why partner with NewRain as your PPE supplier?

As a leading PPE supplier and distribution channel, we distinguish ourselves through creating mutually beneficial diversity, helping health care organizations widen their supplier pool to support our communities. Our goals revolve around supplying greater innovation through cost reduction, improved services, and most of all, making buying medical PPE supplies easy for healthcare providers and their purchasing managers.

Our online marketplace works to create the best satisfaction possible, supporting delivering high-quality care with our supply partners and sourcing relationships. Gain the upper leverage and focus on your quality care initiatives with our brand selections by creating a business account and placing an order today!

We focus on cultivating relationships for a community-based advantage.

Our mission is to provide personal protection equipment to people on an international scale, starting with our communities in Los Angeles. Our partners work to create lasting change for our state’s most vulnerable communities.

As a minority-based supplier, we encourage diversity and are committed to protecting the health of our community by doing our part and paying it forward.


We are a minority-owned California small business.

NewRain builds lasting supply chain resilience by allowing our customers to cultivate relationships with us as a minority-owned medical supply company. This relationship helps reduce costs, increase supply chain innovation, and improve risk mitigation.

Social Impact

Going beyond logistics.

In 2020 alone, we have donated over 100,000 units of PPE equipment to local organizations. Our primary focus is to provide our communities with the PPE they need to keep our caregivers and those they serve safe.


Meet our PPE partners & donation recipients.

We work with top brands and organizations in the medical and healthcare field on a local and national level to bring care & peace of mind into view. Here are some of the businesses we have worked with and helped in our local community.