Nitrile Gloves – Blue Synthetic – (1,000 Pack)

Nitrile Gloves - Blue Synthetic - (1,000 Pack)



Nitrile Gloves - Blue Synthetic - (1,000 Pack)

  • Powder-Free
  • Allergy-Free
  • Latex-Free
  • Best Alternative to Rubber Latex
  • Food Safe
  • Sanitary Gloves
  • Ultra Stretch
  • High Oil & Chemical Resistance
  • High Puncture Resistance
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Snug Fit
  • Perfect Grip
  • High Touch Sensitivity


A powder-free synthetic nitrile blended with vinyl reduces potential allergic reactions and minimizes the drying effects of glove powder on the skin. Non-medical, Non 510(k). Use for first aid, food processing, and cleaning. Each glove has a special design that provides a superb fit and comfort for extended wear. The ambidextrous and elastic design allows for comfortable, effective use.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions9 × 12 × 8.5 in

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Why order nitrile gloves?

When it comes to disposable gloves, Nitrile Gloves are the best option for many reasons, here are a few.

Nitrile gloves are synthetic 

While latex gloves are made from natural rubber, nitrile gloves are synthetic.

High resistance to chemicals, oils, & petroleum-based products

Because nitrile gloves are synthetic they have a high resistance to chemicals, oils, and petroleum products. Nitrile can protect your hands from mineral oils, vegetable oils, gasoline, grease, fuel, cleaning products, and other types of acids.  

The high resistance has made nitrile gloves the preferred protective gloves for the auto, food, and safety industries. 

High puncture resistance

Nitrile gloves are 3+ times more puncture-resistant than latex gloves. 

This feature has made nitrile gloves the preferred glove type for dentists & tattoo artists. 

High elasticity

There is nothing more frustrating than stretching a glove and having it rip. Nitrile gloves give you high elasticity and a perfect snug fit. 

Great sensitivity & grip

When it comes to fitting nitrile gloves offer a great snug fit.

Additionally, sensitivity to touch is excellent. 

Storing your nitrile gloves

  • Keep in a dry & cool place – recommended temperature is BELOW 104° Fahrenheit (40° Celsius)
  • If you have an opened box – store away from direct sunlight & fluorescent lighting

Frequently asked questions

Every order (carton) includes 10 boxes of 100 gloves.

In total that is 1,000 gloves (500 pairs) per carton order.

“Nitrile” is short for nitrile butadiene rubber. It is made by combining acrylonitrile and butadiene combining.

Nitrile start out as rubber right from rubber trees. The next step is to convert the rubber into latex rubber.

The “latex rubber” is then reprocessed over and over until they are a 100% nitrile compound material. All  the extra reprocessing gets rid of all the latex proteins – which can have allergic reactions for some. 

Yes! Nitrile gloves are BPA Free!

Yes, nitrile gloves are waterproof.

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