Alcohol Wipes | 75% Isopropyl Alcohol (24 Packs)

Alcohol Wipes | 75% Isopropyl Alcohol (24 Packs)



Alcohol Wipes | 75% Isopropyl Alcohol (24 Packs)


Certifications: SGS Certified

  • 80 Pre-Soaked Wipes Per Pack
  • Secure Flip-Top Keeps Wipes Moist
  • Perfect For Hands & Surfaces
  • Skin Friendly & Non-irritable
  • 75% Ethyl Alcohol
  • Low Odor (Less Than Isopropyl Wipes)
  • Extremely Fast Drying (4X Faster Than Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes)
  • Recommended For Anti-bacterial Cleaning Of Hands & Surfaces
  • Kills 99.9% Of Germs & Bacteria
  • No Sticky Residue


75% Alcohol Wipes prepares skin prior to first aid, bandaging, and injections. Use to prevent the increased risk of infection and/or to clean sticky hands and dirty surfaces. Portable and convenient to use and carry around in your car, bag, etc.

Composition: 140mm x 180mm (5.5 Inches X 7 Inches) cotton wet wipes filled with a 75% ethyl alcohol concentration and 25% water concentration. Each pack comes with 80 sheets and features a flip-top design that keeps wipes moist and secure.

Uses: First Aid and Cleaning.

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Carton information

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Weight26 lbs
Dimensions18 × 12.5 × 9 in
QTY per Box


Boxes per Carton


The information above applies to the carton containing the product, not the product itself.

Convenient 75% ethyl alcohol wipes

We know life can get messy sometimes that is why we made sure our alcohol wipes are easy to carry around and use when you need them the most. 

The pouch size: Perfect to fit in any small space as well as super light to carry around in a bag for quick access!

The flip-top lid: The lid keeps the wipes wet so they’re ready to be used whenever you need clean hands or a clean surface. 

The wipes: Our wipes are a perfect size and made of tough cotton to handle it all! The premium formula used to pre-soak the wipes is skin-friendly and does not leave your hands or surfaces feeling sticky. Finally, the wipes don’t smell super strong and dry up super quick! 


Frequently asked questions

Every order (carton) includes 24 packs of alcohol wipes.

Each pack contains 80 alcohol wipes.

That’s a total of 1,920 premium alcohol wipes!

We use premium 75% Ethyl alcohol. Which is safe on the skin.

NewRain 75% Ethyl alcohol wipes are recommended for minor cuts or abrasions but can also be used to clean other surfaces. 

Yes, our 75% ethyl alcohol wipes can be used to clean your hands. 

These alcohol wipes are not flushable. Please dispose of responsibly. 

These wipes are not intended to be used as baby wipes or to be used in genital areas. 

Disinfectant Alcohol Wipes Instructions

Open the hard flip-top lid, gently pull back the resealable label, and open & close the top as needed. Make sure to close the flip-top lid to keep alcohol wipes moist.

75% Ethyl Alcohol Wipes Precautions

• Keep away from children and pets
• Do not flush
• Store in a cool dry place
• Flammable
• External use only

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