How to Set COVID-19 Boundaries for New Year’s

How to Set COVID-19 Boundaries for New Year’s

Are you feeling stressed? Well, you are not alone. Levels of stress are increasing because of the disruptions in our everyday lives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the American Psychological Association stated that we are dealing with a nationwide mental health crisis. It could have severe and long-lasting medical and social repercussions. Furthermore, it is not just adults who are feeling this way. The report shows that children are also facing unprecedented uncertainty, as they are exposed to increased stress and already showing signs of depression and anxiety.

Although modest levels of stress are not something to be concerned about, high levels of stress can be hazardous for health. They could contribute to serious complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, you must take care of yourself and your family during this holiday season.

According to the CDC, by meeting friends and family members who do not live with, you may increase your chances of catching or spreading the coronavirus or the flu. Some people may find it challenging to spend the holidays away from their family and friends. However, as health experts suggest, they may have to make this tough choice this year to ensure their loved ones’ safety and well-being. 

It is a no brainer that the priority should be the health of your family when you are making your holiday plans. You should do what is best for you and your loved ones. When talking to family and friends regarding the vacation plans, it is perfectly fine if you decide to stay home and distance yourself from other people. Remember that in order to manage stress, taking care of yourself and your general well-being is the first step.

Health professionals also recommend taking time to look after your own mental and physical health by staying active. It also relieves fatigue, anxiety, and gloominess. In addition, following the tips offered by CDC can help you remain safe and cope with the stress during the end of the year holidays. 

How to Set Boundaries During COVID-19

  • You should be aware of the protocol if you are sick or worried about COVID-19. Talk to a doctor before starting self-treatment for COVID-19.
  • Learn about where and how you could get treatment, other useful services, and resources, such as counseling or therapy if needed.
  • Take care of your emotional well-being. Caring for your mental health will make it easy for you to think clearly. 
  • Take a break from watching television, following, or listening to the news, including social media. Constantly hearing about the ravages of the pandemic can be overwhelming.

How to Reduce Stress During Holidays

  • Meditate, stretch, or do breathing exercises.
  • Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Try to regularly workout at home.
  • Make sure you get adequate sleep.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol.
  • Try to stay relaxed and indulge in other activities that you enjoy.
  • Stay in contact with others. Talk to folks you trust about how you feel and your problems.
  • Talk to your community or religious organizations. You can connect with them through social media and other online platforms. 

Everyone Can Make New Year’s Safer

Following the latest health and safety guidelines provided by the CDC, everyone can make New Year’s gatherings safer. Here are some other things you can do if you are hosting a party: 

  • Cover your face with a mask that properly shields your nose and mouth. Make sure that it fits snuggly around the areas it is supposed to protect. 
  • Maintain an adequate distance from the people who are not from your household.
  • Remember that asymptomatic people who have no symptoms can also spread COVID-19 or the flu.
  • It is imperative that people in the high-risk category of illness at least maintain a distance of 6 feet from other people.
  • Observe proper hand hygiene. You can either use a soap or hand sanitizer like the one from New Rain. Use sanitizers that have over 70% alcohol content. 

Attending New Year’s Gatherings 

Virtually celebrating or keeping the festivities limited to the people you live with is the safest option for celebrating New Year’s this year. If you decide to join or host a New Year’s party, make sure that you prioritize everyone’s safety. In addition to the guidelines mentioned above, here are some of the other things you can do:

  • Try to bring your own food, utensils, drinks, etc. 
  • Put on a mask and keep it safe while you are eating and drinking.
  • Avoid visiting places where the food is cooked or handled, such as the kitchen.
  • Try to use disposable items such as food containers, dishes, and bowls.

Whatever you decide to do during this vacation period, developing a plan or strategy can help you be prepared for any potential difficulties. So, go ahead and start working on your New Year’s plans amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic- this will give you something to look forward to. 




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