New CDC Guidelines for Re-Implementing Masks

New CDC Guidelines for Re-Implementing Masks

New CDC Guidelines for Re-Implementing Masks

Covid-19 is a virus that mutates and changes. The Delta Variant is one of the newest strands of the virus that spreads easier and faster than past strands. The reason the CDC is tracking the Delta Variant and other variants so closely is that the healthcare industry will face copious amounts of cases spiking throughout the country. When cases spike, it strains the healthcare industry and its ability to care for patients.

One solution to this issue is following the new CDC guidelines for re-implementing masks. It may not seem like it, but the populace has a vital role in controlling the case count of the Delta Variant. If the guidelines of the CDC are followed, there will be fewer cases in the future.

Guidelines for Wearing a Mask

When wearing a mask, you want to follow proper guidelines for use. When you wear your mask correctly, you are keeping yourself and others safe. Some guidelines to follow when determining if you are an individual that should be wearing a mask include:

  • Unvaccinated individuals over the age of two should be wearing a mask in indoor public places. 
  • Do NOT put masks on children under two years of age. 
  • You should always wear a mask when using public transportation. 
  • Those that have a weakened immune system caused by medication or previous illnesses are not fully protected. Regardless, those individuals should still wear a mask and take all necessary precautions. 
  • Be sure to wash and sanitize your hands before placing your mask on your face. 
  • Do NOT touch the mask while you are wearing it. 
  • Your mouth and nose should always be covered, and the mask should fit snuggly around the sides of your face.  

Guidelines for Choosing a Mask

When choosing the type of mask you will wear, there is a multitude of different options. However, not all these options are safe.

  • Men with beards should wear a disposable mask and a cloth mask over it. The cloth mask will ensure that the disposable mask fits securely.
  • The mask should be made of more than two layers of fabric that is not only washable but breathable, as well.  
  • Having a nose wire included in your mask will prevent air from escaping from the top of the mask.

Directions for Taking Off Your Mask

When taking off your mask, you risk exposing your hands to all the germs and respiratory droplets that carry the virus. Taking off your mask correctly will ensure that you keep yourself safe, as well as anyone around you.

  1. Grab the strings or loops from the back of your head and hold firmly. 
  1. Make sure you are only handling the loops or ties on your mask.
  1. You want to make sure that you fold the outer corners together with the outside facing inward.
  1. After removing your mask, place it in a sealed plastic bag until it can be properly washed.
  1. Always wash and sanitize after removing and properly disposing of your mask.

Directions on Cleaning Your Mask

Cleaning your masks is quite simple. Cloth masks can be thrown into the washer with a regular load of laundry. When drying your mask, make sure you use a warm or hot dryer to do so. A mask can also be washed by hand. You will need to use regular tap water and laundry detergent to clean your mask. When done washing, your mask can be hung outside within direct sunlight.

Wearing a mask is the easiest way for you to do your part. We rely on our medical professionals and the entire healthcare industry when we are sick and need them. However, they also need us. They need us to follow the proper guidelines and safety measures to ensure that the case numbers stay as low as we can keep them. Wearing your mask helps to keep you safe and the people around you. We all must do our part in creating the safest environment for everyone. 

Luckily, we have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) suppliers like NewRain that can fulfill your needs to follow the CDC guidelines. NewRain offers a variety of mask options that will keep you and your family safe during the pandemic. They provide a broad selection that is also affordable. They are a community-driven PPE supplier that offers a super-efficient ordering process that makes it simpler for the consumer.




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