NewRain’s Medical PPE Service For B2B

NewRain’s Medical PPE Service For B2B

With hospitals, businesses, and individuals facing a shortage of personal protective equipment, it’s essential now more than ever to find a reliable business to take care of all PPE needs. Even after a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE shortages are still plaguing the United States. Dr. Anthony Fauci admits that the shortage of quality protective gear has resulted in more deaths than needed. Luckily, NewRain’s medical PPE service for B2B is great for small businesses and individuals looking for solutions.

Because it has become so challenging to get PPEs from wholesale providers, medical agencies and businesses have had no choice but to reuse their protective equipment. Moreover, a news article from Spectrum News reported that around 87% of providers have been reusing N95 masks in New York alone, and nearly 76% have to reuse gloves. Unfortunately, nonprofits and small businesses may find it hard to find PPE suppliers that sell quality, non-counterfeit products that can keep them and the people they work with safe during the pandemic.

Some companies specialize in selling PPE, such as NewRain, which can distribute large amounts of supplies. With their business to business service and even business to consumer (as in your small business), NewRain can help supply all PPE needs during this shortage.

How to Get PPEs During the Shortage

If a company is having a hard time getting PPE supplies during the global PPE shortage, some things can be done. For example, companies can look to local organizations and businesses that are donating PPE supplies. However, many companies have requested donations, so it still may be challenging to get free PPEs.

Many states are offering PPEs but only give enough supplies to last around 30 days. Companies can work to optimize PPEs or use cloth masks in place of medical grade. However, this solution is not optimal for businesses because it does not offer the best levels of protection.

So what else can be done? Companies can look to other businesses that sell PPEs and create a relationship that will help get personal protective equipment with little stress. With companies like NewRain that specialize in supplying healthcare centers and agencies with the appropriate equipment, all companies can access quality safety gear.

What is the Difference Between B2B and B2C?

A business-to-business model (B2B) is concerned with transactions between two separate businesses. These businesses can be small or large but generally consist of large wholesale transactions. Business to business sales are typically higher priced because the companies are buying more of a product. While this may work for larger businesses that need significant supplies, it may not be suitable for smaller businesses.

Business to consumer (B2C), on the other hand, may include smaller transactions between a business and a customer. Yet, the customer doesn’t have to be an individual; it can be a smaller business that doesn’t need such large quantities of supplies. Because the transaction is all about the customer, B2C companies can serve both large and smaller agencies.

Consumer Benefits of a Business to Consumer Model

As a consumer, you want the best experience possible for providers. Additionally, you want to trust where you are getting your supplies and know that your PPEs are up to code and safe. Instead of paying high prices for the inflated costs of PPEs, purchasing from a business such as NewRain has several benefits.

With community-based businesses, you are guaranteed better customer service and interaction. Instead of going through larger online companies that do not give personalized experiences for their customers, smaller companies better answer consumer questions and concerns. Additionally, these companies care about their customers and send out informational messages that are more than just advertisements.

Moreover, these companies are often more efficient with their product. So instead of waiting an unknown amount of time to get your protective equipment, these companies will work to ensure that your order is fulfilled and delivered on time.

US-Based PPE Suppliers are Critical During the Pandemic

Many of the products made overseas are challenging to purchase due to the global PPE shortage, and most are not up to the standards that are upheld by the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). For this reason, United States PPE suppliers are the best companies to purchase PPEs from. Not only do these companies guaranteed quality protective gear, but their PPE equipment has passed numerous safety tests.

It is not only hospitals that are experiencing the challenges of securing personal protective equipment. Many businesses—both large and small—are realizing the difficulties of buying PPE gear. Most US suppliers are committed to the health and wellbeing of the United States citizens. For those states experiencing high numbers of coronavirus cases, it’s crucial that quality gear is being used to help prevent the spread of the virus.

With larger corporations and medical facilities claiming most personal protective equipment, smaller businesses are having a challenging time getting the PPE gear they need to keep their employees and clients safe. With community-based companies, there is still hope for delivering quality gear during this health crisis.

Sourcing PPE Gear for Your Business from NewRain

NewRain is a minority-owned California small business dedicated to providing quality personal protective equipment to the companies that need it the most. New Rain donated over 100,000 units of PPE equipment in 2020, and they will continue to deliver protective gear to protect caregivers and those they work with.

With the crash of wholesale PPE, NewRain can get your business the protective gear you need to operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. With top-of-the-line gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, thermometers, dispensers, and alcohol wipes available, your business will have never again have to worry about PPE shortages.

Serving California-based communities and international healthcare agencies such as emergency medical services, urgent care centers, community health centers, and more. Healthcare agencies can rest easy knowing their PPEs are taken care of by partnering with NewRain’s medical PPE service for B2B.




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