Procurement & Sourcing

Product procurement, sourcing, financing, and fulfillment by NewRain.

If our customers need a product sourced, we can accommodate. We have more than 10 years of experience in procurement and sourcing.

NewRain has the capacity to procure & source products from China for our customers.

Product sourcing has become an essential business process in today’s competitive market, and we at NewRain know how to get the job done. We work with high-quality manufacturers and source products based on client specifications before they hit shelves so that our clients will be sure of product quality when it comes time for them to sell their new line of goods.

One major advantage for our clients is that we have the experience and in-house expertise to provide reliable product sourcing, logistics, and quality control services. We have maintained a long record of service excellence by providing only quality products to our customers.

1. Research

We perform the research into different manufacturers both overseas and in the U.S. to determine the right fit for your sourcing needs.

2. Contract

We develop a contract and agreement between you, us, and the manufacturer that will ensure quality control, specify liabilities, and protect you.

3. Logistics

We manage & optimize the logistics, including shipping, customs clearances, and payment management on behalf of you to make your job easier.


Here's what we can source.

NewRain is well-positioned to take on the demands of product sourcing, procurement, and logistics. We source medical and PPE products for a variety of applications, including food safety testing, PPE and other protective medical equipment, medical products, and more.

Our product sourcing experts have over 20 years of combined experience in quality control inspection to ensure that every product meets our high standard for superior quality.

Medical ProductsWe work with high-quality medical product manufacturers to source products for the medical and healthcare industry.

ElectronicsPhone accessories, bluetooth devices, computer and car devices, and more. We are able to source these for our customers.

Consumer GoodsTools, electronics, toys, and other consumer goods that are sourced by NewRain always have the highest quality.

Clothing & UniformsWe work with several manufacturers to source clothing, uniforms, and other garments for our customers who need them.

More Products...Don't see your specific application on here? Reach out to NewRain and we can discuss a custom procurement order to fill your needs.

Get started

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There’s no better time than now to expand your product offering and grow your business. Through NewRain’s sourcing and product procurement services, you can offer your customers even more value than you already are just by adding new products to your line.

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