The Effectiveness of KN95s

The Effectiveness of KN95s

The Effectiveness Of KN95's

Throughout this pandemic, people have sought out how to best shield themselves from the virus. Though many individuals have chosen to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, it is still uncertain whether the vaccine will adequately protect people from contracting the coronavirus.

As this worldwide pandemic continues to spread, it is vital to continue wearing PPE to protect ourselves and those we come in contact with. One of the best forms of PPE to wear is a KN95 mask.

What is a KN95 mask?

A KN95 mask, also known as a KN95 respirator, is a particulate respirator that protects you from breathing in tiny particles that could be contaminated, such as dust, pollen, smog, and bacteria. This type of mask is more effective than standard medical masks or cloth masks and will thus offer more protection to whoever is wearing it.  

KN95s typically have five layers of fabric to help with the filtration of particles. The CDC recommends wearing KN95s for those who might be at an increased risk of severe illness if they contract a disease or for people in situations where they have to be close to others not in their household. 

They are one of the most effective types of PPE

KN95 vs. N95

KN95 and N95 respirators are very similar but contrast in some important ways. What are the similarities and differences between a KN95 mask and an N95 mask?

A similarity that the two types of masks share is that they filter out 95% of airborne particles. This is a higher percentage than any other kinds of masks available.  

However, only the N95 mask is NIOSH-approved. NIOSH stands for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It is a research agency whose purpose is to study and implement its research to create safe and healthy workplaces for those who work in the United States. 

KN95s are a very similar type of mask to N95s that have been approved in China. The CDC has cautioned consumers to be aware that although some KN95 respirators may meet the NIOSH requirements, some might not measure up to those standard regulations. 

N95s have been in short supply, so it has been requested that N95s be reserved for healthcare workers and those who need the most protection because of this difference in meeting regulatory requirements. The CDC wants to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to the proper PPE because they are working on the frontlines to care for sick people. 

Because N95s need to be prioritized for those working in healthcare facilities, they are not available to be used by other industries. Although the NIOSH does not approve of all KN95 respirators as effective as N95s, this does not mean that KN95s are inferior. KN95 masks offer significantly more protection than other standard masks, and they are continually used as an effective form of PPE. If you are not in the healthcare industry, KN95s are the best form of PPE that you can obtain.

Why are KN95s essential?

Standard 3-ply masks just aren’t going to cut it if you are near several people outside of your household on a daily basis. KN95 respirators offer some of the best overall protection out of all the types of PPE. Places where KN95s would be extremely helpful include education and schools, government, small businesses and various corporate organizations.

If you have determined that KN95 respirators are a form of PPE that you and your organization need, NewRain has you covered. NewRain offers single-use KN95s that include 5 layers of fabric and filter 95% of particles from the air. Visit to order your KN95 particulate respirators and all PPE supplies you need.




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