Types of PPE You Should Have For Your Industry

Types of PPE You Should Have For Your Industry

Types of PPE You Should Have For Your Industry

PPE can be very similar yet very different depending on the type of industry that you work in. PPE is found across all retail environments, food service, and the medical industry when handling patients. When performing a job that requires you to service other people, you must have the correct PPE on hand to protect yourself and anyone you encounter.

Basic PPE that are necessities across all industries include the following: 

  • Disposable Gloves 
  • Face Masks 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Disinfectant Wipes

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are gloves that you use one time and then throw away. They create a barrier between you and another individual. They prevent germs from spreading to you or the person you are in contact with. When wearing disposable gloves, they must fit. Wear gloves that are too tight could risk tearing and being exposed. Wearing gloves that are too loose could allow germs to get in or the glove not correctly to stay on your hand.

Face Masks

Face masks work similarly to gloves, but they protect the respiratory parts of your body instead of your hands. When people interact with each other, tiny droplets that we cannot see are released into the air from person-to-person contact. Wearing a mask prevents the spread of these droplets from between people. When wearing a mask, you want to make sure the mask fits your face. A loose mask can allow droplets to enter or get out. A tight mask could make it difficult to breathe. Neither of these situations are good.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is self-explanatory. Most of the populace has been using hand sanitizer since being in grade school. Hand Sanitizer kills germs located on the skin. Keep in mind that washing your hands with soap and water will always be more efficient than using hand sanitizer. The best situations to use hand sanitizer are during visits to loved ones in nursing homes in hospitals. You want to make sure you sanitize before and after. If you cough, sneeze or blow your nose, you should be sanitizing after every incident that occurs.

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant Wipes are a very useful PPE to keep around your business, work environment, and even at home. While sanitizing works to diminish the number of germs on your hands and skin, disinfecting uses chemicals to kill the germs instead. Having disinfecting wipes makes keeping your environment clean and free of germs efficiently. One of the great parts of using wipes is the convenience. Disinfectant sprays can be bought and used with whatever material cloth to wipe down surfaces and work areas. However, using disinfectant wipes is simple, and skip the use of using a cloth.

Different PPEs for Different Industries

PPE is widely used in medical environments. However, PPE is also used in retail environments in places as small as gas stations and larger retail giants. Every industry requires a need to keep the work environment clean and safe for the consumers and the employees. PPE throughout different industries can vary on policy and usage. The underlying part of PPE that stays the same, no matter the industry, is the process of using them. If you do not correctly use your PPE, their purpose is diminished.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, PPE has never been more critical. The initial four listed above can be found across all industries. Retail environments, food service, and most importantly, the medical field should keep a steady PPE supply. Each industry should do its very best to ensure proper measures are being taken with PPE. Training should be given to all employees, and consumers should be encouraged to keep themselves and others safe.

Where to Buy

Choosing which company to buy your PPE from is very simple. You want to buy from a company that cares about its consumers. Safety should be number one on their list when creating products for you. NewRain is a Los Angeles-based PPE supplier that cares about each customer and understands the importance of keeping everyone safe. Not only do they keep safety in mind, but they also consider the price. They want to offer the best product at a price that you can afford. Their simplified process of ordering does shopping for and ordering your PPE a very efficient experience. When deciding where to purchase your PPE from, remember NewRain.




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