Who We Serve

We offer solutions for your hospital, medical center, or healthcare facility - in one place.

If you're struggling to find a local supplier of high-quality PPE at the lowest cost, we are here to help.

Industry Focus

We supply multiple industries with premium, accessible PPE, so you can breathe easily.

Our solutions in medical supply procurement are facilitated by our cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service. This is exemplified by our ability to service a multitude of industries with equal levels of support, quality, and cost-effectiveness, making NewRain a premium choice for PPE supplies.

At NewRain, we aim to go beyond expectations for our healthcare community members and give them the tools to face challenges ahead and exceed the demand for their services.

Our solutions for medical supplies aim to maximize profitability and safety of employees/clients/customers, servicing providers such as those in the following industries:

Healthcare & MedicalAt NewRain, we are dedicated to providing high quality products that will help you maintain a safe working environment. Our PPE inventory includes items like gloves and face shields as well as all types of medical equipment for healthcare facilities around the country!

Hospitals & ClinicsWe supply PPE such as face masks, disposable latex gloves and hand sanitizer to hospitals at affordable prices. We also source any products which we do not already carry for our clients within the hospital & clinics industry!

Assisted Living FacilitiesManaging inventory for assisted living facilities can be difficult, especially when PPE is in high-demand. We help by providing high-quality PPE at affordable prices in a variety of flexible options that suit your facility's needs and budget!

Logistics & TransportationNewRain is a PPE supplier to the logistics and transportation industry, providing high-quality medical products that are affordable for supply chain companies. Coupled with our intuitive online ordering system, NewRain is the clear choice for the logistics and transportation industry's PPE needs.

HospitalityWe supply medical PPE to businesses within the hospitality industry, ensuring safer working conditions and a more comforting experience for guests and clients. Our experts help you make a decision on what type of gloves, face shields or masks are best for your needs.

Schools & Educational FacilitiesWe supply medical PPE to schools and educational facilities so that staff members and students of all ages can be safer from communicable diseases. This ensures the close observation of state laws regarding providing a safer learning experience for staff and students alike.

Construction & DevelopmentConstruction and development companies need medical PPE in order to follow state and federal regulations. We supply medical PPE at affordable prices to businesses within this industry.

Business Services & OfficesOffice employees need medical PPE for maximum protection from communicable diseases. NewRain supplies this essential equipment at affordable prices and with a simple ordering process that makes it easy to shop online.

Local, State, & Federal GovernmentWe work with government organizations to supply them medical PPE for their staff. This helps ensure a safer working environment and can prevent the spread of disease and viruses that are caused by not wearing proper protection in the workspace.